Staying focused and true

It has been well said that the true test of a man’s character is what he does in his leisure hours. Many of us can demonstrate enormous heroism in the clash of conflict. It is often ease and plenty that perverts the best of people.

This quote encouraged me as I read it. The reason was because we were having “load shedding” here in Cape Town (no electricity) meaning that I had 2.5 hours of forced leisure time; so I went, sat outside and read. I was happy to see that I am in pursuit of developing my character.

One of the intentional choices I’ve made, and am committed to, is writing or journaling more. Journaling has been credited as the key to great success for decades now by many successful people in all different walks of life. My aim is not necessarily financial success or fame, but rather I want to live my life on purpose.

This online journal allows me to be able to look back in an easier way than in all of the many notebooks I have on my bookshelves. As a bonus, I hope my ramblings improve my writing skills, help me find my voice, and possibly encourage you.


How do you develop your character? If your individual character went to the gym would it be fit or completely out of shape?

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